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Job Snapshot

  • Location:Temecula, CA
  • Job Title:CNC Mill Machinist
  • Pay Rate:$20-$25 an hour

Job Summary

The parts we are currently running are complex detailed part actuators pistons and landing gear pistons for aircraft. The materials are 13-8mo 15-5ph heat treated around 36Rc. The parts are over 1 inch in diameter up to 5 ¼ diameters.
Applicants need to have an above average knowledge of machining on a CNC Mill, the ability to read, interpret, understand and work from intricately detailed drawings, blueprints, sketches, and specifications, shop travelers and experience with close tolerance, and wide range of inspection equipment.
Team member Duties are to set up and operate Haas and Doosan machines. The programming of the machine is provided, and the product line is proven. The team member’s job responsibilities are to set up the machine, produce a first article part that is in tolerance, document the measurement findings on company proven forms, then submit the part for a first article to the inspection team. Team members shall (during the run), check the parts for correct diameters, linear, radius and finish callouts, etcetera using company calibrated tools, and keep the parts in tolerance by changing inserts and offsets as needed to correct for out of tolerance conditions. A CNC Mill machinist is responsible for running two machines in a work cell and in return Long Machine pays a 15% bonus for making a standard proven rate for running both machines.
Team members document their activities by completing in-process inspection reports, work order travelers, job cards, and they perform basic maintenance on the machines when necessary IE clear chips out of the machine and add coolant as needed.


  • Experience: 5-10 years


  • Full time
  • Over time available
  • Bonuses available

Contact Information

  • Name:Larry Long
  • Phone:951-296-0194

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